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In the winter of 2007, our family was given the opportunity to relocate to Indiana from the Chicago area. We were very excited about the chance to return to a rural area where we could raise our children in the country with lots of room to roam. The perfect property was 40 acres about 30 minutes west of Indianapolis in the small town of North Salem.

My husband and I were both raised on Midwest farms and loved our memories as children venturing through the pastures and playing with the cows, pigs, and any stray cat or dog we could find along the way. We wanted our children to have this same opportunity. We could barely wait for the completion of the house before we were dreaming about the pets and livestock we wanted to add to our farm.

Before the house was completed, I fell in love with a young paint kid at a nearby farm. Each time we checked on the progress of our house, we stopped to watch her frolic in the pasture. She was full of energy and personality, and I knew she needed to be part of our new farm. Polly was the first Boer goat we purchased, and to keep her company we purchased her pregnant mother as well. Within a matter of a few months, our herd of two became five.


The goats were a lot of fun, and we wanted to learn more. We started going to local shows, sales, and farms to learn more about the breed and how to improve our herd. Quickly, we decided that goats were going to be our livestock of choice, and we wanted to have high quality breeding stock that could compete and win nationally.

The hobby has turned into Lewis Farm SJGA with over 100 Boer show goats. The SJGA herd prefix denotes the first letter of each of our daughters’ names (Sydney, Josalyn, Gabriella, and Ally) and signifies the involvement of each of our family members. Our daughters love taking care of the goats, and take a lot of pride in showing them at the ABGA events.

We look forward to sharing our passion for goats with other families who enjoy livestock competition or working on 4H and FFA projects as well!

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